Protect Your Roof, Protect Your Property

Discover the health of your roof with our expert Roof Grading System.

Your Trusted Partner in Roof Longevity

We elevate roof care to ensure your business remains covered year-round. Our Premier Preventive Maintenance Program is meticulously designed to proactively safeguard your roofing investment, delivering you peace of mind through every season. Every hurricane. Every day of the year.


Florida's Weather Requires Experts

Why Choose Preventive Maintenance?

A robust roof is the cornerstone of your property's integrity. Routine maintenance not only secures your facility from unforeseen weather challenges but also fortifies your roof's lifespan, preventing costly emergency repairs. With our proactive measures, we help you plan ahead, ensuring your roof is reliable, resilient, and ready.

Meticulous Evaluation: We dive deep into the health of your roof with a comprehensive inspection, scrutinizing every detail from membrane conditions to drainage systems.

Customized Inspection Reports: Receive an extensive report, including roof construction details, estimated lifespan, and a meticulous condition assessment with photographic evidence.

Expert Recommendations: Based on our assessment, we propose tailored repair options, prioritized by urgency and supported by transparent pricing.


Tailored Maintenance for Every Roof Grade

At Hightower Industries, we believe in precision and detail when it comes to the care of your roof. Our specialized grading system is the cornerstone of our preventive maintenance program, carefully crafted to discern the current state and future needs of your roofing system. We meticulously assess various factors such as age, material integrity, and environmental resilience to classify your roof's condition.

This diligent evaluation process spans the spectrum from 'Excellent,' indicating a robust roof with more than 15 years of protective life, to 'Fair,' signaling that immediate attention is required to address wear and prevent further degradation. With our nuanced approach, we ensure that our service offerings are not just one-size-fits-all but are customized to the unique characteristics and life cycle stage of your roof.

Each classification within our grading system corresponds to a suite of tailored services designed to optimize roof performance and longevity:

Technician marking new roof installation.

Grade A Roofs

Regular inspections and precise touch-ups define our approach to Grade A roofs, ensuring they remain in prime condition, year after year.


Grade B Roofs

For Grade B roofs, we provide diligent care, addressing signs of wear with maintenance that keeps them robust and reliable.


Grade C Roofs

Our strategy for Grade C roofs involves targeted repairs to correct and extend their life, safeguarding your investment.

Maximizing Your Investment

  • Budgeting Made Simple: With our strategic budget planning, anticipate maintenance costs and avoid financial surprises.
  • Maintenance Agreements: Ensure continuous care with our maintenance agreements, offering regular service and preemptive fixes.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Utilize our infrared roof scanning to identify hidden issues and target precise repair needs.

Ready When You Need Us Most

In addition to maintenance, we stand by for any emergency response, be it storm damage or urgent leak repairs. Your roof is our priority—24/7, 365 days a year.

HTI Contractors installing coating on a commercial rooftop.